The Destiel Musical (2015)
by jakeheavenssake

All music and lyrics are original. Several songs are already posted. Go to to check them out!

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How Supernatural Screwed Up and Why It Matters

A Goodbye Letter from a Disillusioned Bisexual Fan

(full letter under the cut)

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We need more people to hear/read this article. More People in the Fandom, Destiel shipper or not.

For those who agree with this or share the same sentiments, let’s keep on reblogging this.

For those that isn’t part of the supernatural fandom, but cares on the issues discussed here (ie the power of media, queerbaiting, etc), let’s keep on reblogging this.

For those who are non shippers, but have actually seen the potential of Dean/Cas. Let’s keep on reblogging this.

Lastly, for those that have given hate to Destiel shippers, I dare for you to reblog it, if only to contest what has been said here.

Because this is what has happened and it’s an awful disgusting truth.

I still hope for the best for the supernatural. I’ll be honest and say that it was out of curiosity on the Destiel ship that I boarded on watching this show, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have more reasons now to watch the show. And since I recently just watched this show, I’m glad to have watched it knowing that destiel was a fucking titanic. At the very least, I wasn’t part of those who have been given hope, waiting for episode after episode only to be just let down. This highlights how hurtful what the show has done. So part of me is thankful for the catastrophe that was JIBCON— regardless of how completely tactless they were because the way they were led fans on was cruel.

So let’s keep on reblogging this, if only for the sentiment of preventing this sort of thing happening from again.


I’m not above imagining bringing this article to the convention, show it to them and ask them to react or contest to its content. because seriously, this needs to be read. hahaha me and my fantasies.

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i accidentally drew some cute things okay then _(:3JL)_

//try ing to ignore ss9 wee hee

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An open letter to anyone involved in that mockery that was reading Teen Wolf fanfiction only to make fun of it.


Congratu-fucking-lations to Clever TV (whatever the fuck that is), Jeff Davis and the Teen Wolf Cast who were involved in that frankly ridiculous and mean display of reading aloud snippets of fanfiction.

Just think about what you did there. You took three fanfictions, small snippets from them and…

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It is so funny how people can call the Destiel fans delusional and overthinking/overanalyzing things as they brush under the rug the moments between Dean and Castiel by saying it’s perfectly normal that 2 men can have that close a relationship. But then you’ll see the attempts of Supernatural to keep the show as straight as a ruler, claiming that they’ve never portrayed those characters as such. Now, given that the show have used occasional homoerotic subtext, and romantic tropes to depict some scenes of the show, truly, which side is over thinking? The Destiel fans who react as to what they see is happening on screen, or you guys trying to rationalize such depth of relationship can never move beyond friendship?

I am making this comment to defend these Destiel fans who have seen potential between the two characters. I certainly wasn’t a fan of Supernatural when I first saw a few set of episodes of the show and I picked up on a possibility between Dean and Cas.

Other things I should mention is that I don’t view Destiel as canon by any means. Yes, from what little I’ve seen, they haven’t been portrayed romantically. But it is only right to point out that Dean and Castiel have reached a depth of relationship that can actually PROGRESS to be more than friendship. And it is on that basis that Destiel fans play with the possibility of them being romantically involved. Let me repeat. The show has in no way portrayed them romantically involved BUT it has made their characters grow in such a way that having the characters end up together wouldn’t be in any way strange or weird because the of that wonderful depth of their relationship. And in this day and age that heteronormativity is slowly in decline, as it should be, it is disappointing that a lot of people are stuck in the ways of the ancient, declaring Destiel as an impossibility because they are 2 portrayed by two men. It is also because of such prejudice that other people dare to call this fandom delusional and crazy, because truly what they see are two men being paired together— and it disgust them. As for other reasons why people can’t see the possibility (this is really the key word here: possibility. which therein lies the heart of destiel fans), they point out that what dean is feeling is friendship. I won’t deny that. They’re truly the best of friends. That doesn’t erase the possibility of a future relationship though. And given the depth that has been explored between Dean and Cas for 5 seasons, how can people say that the Destiel fans are delusional? When has being Friends first ever ruled out the possibility of romance? Really? Truly, can someone tell me?

The disturbing fact is, Cas is an angel. Genderless but landed on a male vessel. What if this vessel was a female? Would these people that scorn the Destiel people now still call them nuts if Castiel were to be in  female body? UGH. Let’s just be honest, please.

In any case, I’ll stop on that note for now.

I’ve personally picked up Supernatural to watch and finish to put more thoughts and depth to my words. As for now I’m still in season 1, but I can’t wait to get to season 4 (because truly I’m a fan of misha collins if nothing else)



Lois Lane came into Smallville at season 4 and ultimately became Clark Kent’s other half and became one of the OTPs of my life.

Recently, I decided to start on Supernatural after randomly viewing a few scenes of the show. And there I “picked” up on Destiel. Did I have my shipping goggles when I saw a few scenes? Maybe. It’s not like there’s an actual off switch — or an on switch for that matter. But I definitely recognized it and became interested. So it seems that he’ll also be entering the show in season 4(from what i googled). Well, i’m not one to dislike pleasant coincidences like this. So I can’t wait finishing the first 3 seasons already =).

In all actuality, it was Castiel’s interesting character that drew me in. So I ended up googling him, and thereby officially discovering the shipping name “destiel.” Along with googling the fandom came lots of issues with the show, and queerbaiting was one of them : ( . Meaning what I initially saw between Castiel and Dean will 99.99% remain as subtext.

Le sigh~~

I’m truly heartbroken for the fellow  fans who’ve been loyal to the show since season one and found Destiel to be their OTP. Unlike me who is just starting now, there’s definitely bound to be some who feels like they’ve been given the short end of the stick by being given false hope that Destiel might happen— only to be crushed after seasons of showing the said pair. What I mean is, even if not all people might have seen the a possible romantic tension between Dean and Castiel, a number of fans certainly did. And while accepting that, yes, that it is canon that they don’t have a romantic relationship, it should also be pointed out that it is also Canon that their relationship has progressed ENOUGH for people to sense the possibility (this is the key word here, POSSIBILITY) for such a relationship. I would’ve wished that they defined the line earlier on and not dropped an atomic bomb on the fandom when they felt things were getting out of hand due to unsaid expectations. (Because I’m pretty sure that they are well aware of the fanbase the pair was making, not to mention capitalizing on it).

They reap what they sow though. It is due to this negligent action that accusations like queerbaiting are being thrown on the table, and rightfully so. And that’s just one of the trifecta of problems the show has — the other two being Misogyny, and racism (which i have only yet read about, after all im still in season 1.

At the end of the day, I consider myself lucky to at least  know what i’m getting in to. My heart is prepared to ship this all the way, no matter what the show does or how it ends. Because yes, I definitely saw something.


This is more than this pair being a slash pairing. What I ship are the characters Dean and Castiel. I don’t look at them with genders at the forefront in my mind, but as persons. People who in the few clips that i’ve seen has some kind of connection that I feel has possibilities.

I’m pretty sure i’ll have more to say once I catch up =)

Focusing once again on the nice coincidence that i thought of, I hope that Destiel becomes a great OTP to me in the same way that CLOIS just wowed me in Smallville

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