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Either there’s not nearly enough fan art for this crazy show or I don’t know where to find it all. WHERE IS MY RIDICULOUS SAM-FLAM ART, PEOPLE?

Hi-res here and here

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This is so fucking accurate i can’t even- XD

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Ahhhh finally together! >.< 

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  • Question: Bwahha. Even your own artist on your stupid book said Lois and Clark is inevitable. They will end up in each other's arms. It's a matter of time. The faux romance is doomed. Look how WW is the rebound girl in Injustice. The sloppy seconds in every elseworld. Lois is going to save Clark in Earth 2.Even Johns said when they break up, it will end badly. Clark thinks Lois the most amazing woman ever. Lois has powers now and his north star. Read between the lines suckers. - Anonymous
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    An artist said that, which one, and when? We know Tony Daniel feels he’s doing the best art of his career, and he confirmed his ‘stupid’ book’s first issue by 23rd October had sold over 100k copies.

    We don’t like injustice, conceptually, or in execution. I’m not sure what will happen in Earth 2, since the books now share a writer, but I am of the opinion that the Superman in Earth 2 isn’t Clark, but the Frankenstien’s Monster that appeared in the end of Darksied’s villains month book.

    Lois as the Red Tornado is interesting, now she has lost her humanity how given your logic is she going to reconnect Superman ( if this is her Clark ) to his? Now she’s a super powered Android, a faux copy of life - has she even a soul?

    In any event it’s all wild speculation, it may be Earth 2 Superman didn’t end up as spare parts from Darksied’s Superman chop shop, and is held up somewhere and will return to save the day. We can all make stuff up and guess what *might* happen.

    Back to what he said she said. Sure Geoff Johns made a comment about what was going to happen at the *end* of Trinity war, back in April. Not only did he tweet us afterwards to confirm that Diana and Kal’s relationship would continue - ie it would have an up, but Trinity War has come and gone in the intervening months, and you know what, Superman and Wonder Woman didn’t end. It didn’t happen.

    Rather we got our own ongoing from the start comic book - Superman/Wonder Woman.

    So it maybe Johns when he scripted Trinity War did intend to break the couple up - probably temporarily - but in the mean time he as CCO & Editorial looked at the sales figures and realised they had a hit concept on their hands. Plans changed and we got the Superman/Wonder Woman book.

    Guess what the best laid plans of mice and men change - especially in the face of market forces.

    Lois maybe a navigational point on the night sky, but Diana is named after the goddess of the moon, and is the yin to his yang - and as said before Lois’s powers will probably - on the basis of numerous stories over the last 75 years - not stick. Personally I wouldn’t mind her having super powers on a permanent basis, but then again my arguments about her importance don’t hinge on the notion Superman requires a human anchor to retain his Sanity, but rather we always argue he is a good man who is humane in his actions, and it’s Lois et al that need Superman to lead them by example.

    In any event Diana is a better match for Superman because she embraces the ideals of truth and justice without being a servant and child of the industrial-military / media-political hegemony that dominates western government. It is Diana who recognises his true self from the beginning, a person with whom Kal, Clark, Superman can be open and honest with from the get go.

    In the final analysis the only line that matters is the bottom line, and for the moment that says Superman and Wonder Woman as a DC Couple sell books and move merchandise. If that were to change I’d be the first to say to DC - a commercial company - do something different, but for now I am happy that stuff featuring my OTP is selling.

    As said before we wish Lois Lane’s one shot all the luck in the world, we hope it sells and she gets the chance to grow as a character in the same way Steve Trevor has, that is outside the straight jacket of a supporting love interest.

    Whoever you are anon, while I can’t say much on your behavior (because i’ll tell you up front that what you did is rude, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) , I must say, because I’m a Clois fan myself, what you did was ballsy. :D

    Though next time, at least try to be subtle ( and not go attacking other people’s OTPs), because like you have pointed out, from the onset of the new 52 i have always believed that Lois and Clark is only a matter of time and what you need to do is just wait and have faith.


    If you actually read the Injustice comic, you’ll actually get to read how Wonder Woman is having a negative effect on Superman (There’s so much more I can say about this. But in my opinion, Injustice presented a more realistic turn out when wonder woman and superman get together than what the new 52 is doing. )I won’t spoil the readers, so read at your own amusement, just know that this is especially highlighted on the 9th issue of injustice and the 12th one.

    Though Wonder Woman was definitely a rebound girl there. Wonder Woman going “Are you okay with this? With us?” and then later you get  to hear Superman asking “Do you think there’s a  Lois Lane in that other world too?” even though he and WW were supposedly “together.” I’ll be honest and say that I had a good laugh on this.

    I should also add on how Lois and Clark actually get to have a biological baby and is now officially Superboy and his name is Jon Lane Kent and he came from the future.(If you guys follow superboy too and is a clois fan, let’s all hope he gets his head straight and gets out of the bad guy’s manipulation, cuz yeah…he’s a bad guy at the moment. But! We should focus on how we actually get a superboy that’s actually superman’s SON, not some kind of genetic clark-luthor lovechild…and the fact that lois lane is the mother is just a bonus for me lol). I’m excited on the moment on which superman learns on this truth that he has a son, though I’m apprehensive on how Clark will eventually learn and react on superboy’s evil intentions at the moment (that is to say, superboy is still acting on the belief that what he will do will ultimately save mankind. like i said, he’s being manipulated. and just to clear things, he’s being asked to wipe out the first generation of heroes).

    There’s a time travel involved with this superboy stuff and you guys know how hard that is to explain so just google on it and read the issues concerning this matter. (it’ll take superboy and teen titans to actually comprehend this). But the fact that Jon Lane Kent, Superman’s son with lois, is from the future within the actual world/timeline of the new 52 (not another elseworld or another earth. ugh) just really can’t stop getting my hopes up on the whole “Clois is just a matter of time.” Though it was pointed out that this future where Superman and Lois gets together is just one of the possibilities and the events in the present are being altered a little (ugh. time travel), it just can’t get rid of the powerful, fluffy, and secure feeling of inevitability that is Clois <3

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CALLING ALL LOIS LANE FANS| Contact | DC Entertainment


Are you a Lois Lane fan?

Are you sick and tired of waiting for Lois Lane to be brought back into comics and given her deserved titled as “The First Lady of DC Comics”?

Are you sick and tired of this bullship Fauxmance?

Do you wanna see her with Clark again?

Well, pick up your writing tools and tell DC!

I am going to write to them every single day until they get the message, and I am asking each and every one of you to help me. A Lois Lane one shot isn’t going to make us happy enough. We want Lois Lane and Real Deal Superman back.
Write to them. Pour your heart, your soul, your hurt, your love into words like our beloved heroine, and make our voices heard!!!

We are tired of empty promises and no results. We want Lois! And we want her now!

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KnB X SnK Crossover

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